This essay explores a processes that start when song fans reject a present upsurge and download enlightenment of a internet
in foster of a some-more normal initial believe of listening to an album. Examining a sub-group within an online community
for fans of stone rope R.E.M., this essay discusses how these fans assume non-normativity, due to their activities evading
spoilers concerning a afterwards stirring album. Driven by a sentimental aim to recapture a believe of shopping a new album
but before believe other than central information, this investigate shows how fans attempt to conflict record and restore
a believe of listening to and purchasing a new manuscript as a unaccompanied event. The research shows how this office of pleasure
resulted in their informative distinctiveness from a village and how it enabled them to emanate a form of inverted fan cultural
capital, positioning them as a different, despite temporary, interpretive community.

Article source: http://nms.sagepub.com/cgi/content/abstract/14/5/748?rss=1